OCSISU Army ROTC (Cyclone Battalion), New Cadets & Families, IANG conducted Operations Cyclone Strong-Freshman Orientation 18 –20 Aug 2011 at ISU/Camp Dodge to Prepare incoming cadets for the upcoming year, build team camaraderie and integrate new Cadets to the Cyclone team.

This training provided the new MSIIIsand MSIVsthe opportunity to plan, organize, and resource numerous training events at ISU and Camp Dodge. This event is completely planned and executed by the Cadet BnStaff, including trainer certification for APFT, Rappelling and FLRC. Additionally, the support of the IANG was critical to success and professionalism of event with the IANG providing lunch at Camp Dodge fully supporting the OCS family picnic. Events give us a starting point for development of incoming Freshman and allow MSIIIsand MSIVstheir first significant leadership opportunity.

During Operation Cyclone Strong, incoming cadets took the APFT, drew their equipment, rappelled, conducted the FLRC lanes, took part in the battalion run and finished with a picnic. During OCS cadets were oriented with the Iowa State ROTC program and received the program’s expectations. Cadets were also given the chance to challenge their physical and mental toughness with the APFT and rappel tower. New cadets were able to test their leadership skills and lead their squad through one of Camp Dodge’s FLRC Lanes.