Fall FTX 2011


ISU, BVU and Drake Army ROTC (Cyclone Battalion) conducts semi-annual FTX 16-18 SEP 2011
to continue ROTC Training, build MSIII leadership in preparation for Warrior Forge 2012 and familiarize incoming cadets with BRM and Land Navigation

Key Tasks:
Conduct BRM, Hand Grenade Assault Course, FLRC, and Day and Night Land Navigation

Cadets built leadership skills ,were familiarized with the M16, Night Vision Goggles, Dummy Grenades and Day and Night Land Navigation.

FTX gave Cyclone Battalion cadets an opportunity to learn and refine basic Army skills. Cadets were able to familiarize themselves with weapons such as the M16 and hand grenades. They also trained on a challenging land navigation course to prepare for LDAC. The highlights of the weekend were the multiple team building and leadership exercises such as FLRC lanes, freeze tag PT, and situational EST training. Higher level cadets used these opportunities to put their leadership abilities to the test , while new cadets had opportunities to learn many new skills that will benefit them in both their ROTC and Army careers. Thanks to this training Cyclone Battalion came out of FTX as a more cohesive unit which will surely benefit the program as the year continues.

ISU, BVU and Drake Army ROTC conducted their semi-annual FTX at Camp Dodge, Iowa. Cadets from ISU, BVU and Drake Army ROTC met at Camp Dodge, to conduct BRM, FLRC, HGAC and Land Navigation. Upon arrival at Camp Dodge, cadet were giving instruction in BRM. Each cadet was given the opportunity to orient themselves with the M16 and zero their weapon. The cadets were then shown how to properly tear down their weapon and clean it thoroughly. The cadets then moved on to the MWR event where the cadets used NVG’s to complete the HGAC in the dark. Saturday morning the cadets completed the HGAC using dummy grenades and FLRC . The cadets then took transportation out to the Land Navigation site where they conducted day and night Land Nav.