Girl Scouts Annual Campout


Girl ScoutsISU Army ROTC (Cyclone Battalion) supports the Girl Scouts in their annual campout
to instruct Girl Scouts in Land Navigation, First Aid, and Gear Packing/survival skills.

Key Tasks:
Gear Packing
Land Navigation
First Aid

Support Girl Scouts through instruction of practical military skills and create a positive environment through contributing to the community

Working with the girl scouts gave the Cyclone Battalion an opportunity to give back to the community using the skills acquired in the program. Cadets gained valuable experience by organizing classes and going through the actual instruction process. The event was also used as a team building activity as MS1s and 2s were able to work directly with MS3s and 4s. Most importantly, the event was a lot of fun for both the girl scouts and cadets and both parties are looking forward to next year at Camp Sacajawea.

ISU Army ROTC cadets arrived at Camp Sacajawea in Boone on 24Sep2011 to support the Girl Scouts by giving a series of instructional classes during their annual campout.  There were two rotations with approximately 30 girl scouts per group, and each rotation began with a gear packing/survival skills class.  We then transitioned to land navigation where the girls learned how to measure their pace count, and made their own ranger beads which was a hit.  Last but not least, the girls were taught some basic first aid skills and also practical application such as utilizing sticks to create splints and ideas for signaling help.  The girls enjoyed themselves and the troop leaders were impressed with our cadets.