JROTC Raider Challenge 2011


JROTC RCISU MSII cadets will fairly evaluate JROTC Raider Challenge and build lasting relationships with JROTC cadets and cadre in preparation for future events between both senior and junior ROTC.
Purpose: Build the foundation of a steady interaction between the Cyclone Battalion and JROTC programs in Iowa, with a focus on the Central Campus JROTC.

Evaluate JROTC Raider Competition events.
Interact with junior cadets and leave an excellent impression with JROTC cadre.
Develop doctrinal knowledge of key Soldier tasks.

MSII cadets greatly impress junior cadets and cadre while displaying a professional demeanor and attitude at all times. A relationship established and future endeavors between junior and senior cadets sought.

The MSII class was given an excellent opportunity to showcase both itself and the Cyclone Battalion during the Central Campus JROTC Raider Challenge. MSII cadets became a more cohesive unit while also showcasing their doctrinal knowledge, professionalism, and open minded attitude to both spectators and participants of the competition. MSII cadets were given a chance to evaluate and take leadership positions which will greatly aid them moving into their MSIII year. As a result of their aid in helping the competition move smoothly the Cyclone Battalion cadets were constantly praised by the JROTC cadre. The mission and all key tasks were accomplished in timely and efficient manner. At the end of the event the MSII cadets were formally recognized for their excellent work, and the Central Campus cadre were eager to provide another opportunity for the MSII class to interaction with CC JROTC.

On 24SEP11 ten cadets from the Cyclone Battalion MSII class served as the evaluators of the Annual Jean Kaplan Memorial Raider Challenge at Camp Dodge, Iowa. At 0500 the competition started with the APFT, after which a 10K road march was conducted. Following the 10K road march the MSII class evaluated four more events including the Biathlon, Rope Bridge, Compass Course, and Raider Challenge Course. Between events the MSII class took the opportunity to converse with the JROTC cadets speaking to them about classes, ROTC, and the college life in general. At the conclusion of the competition the MSII class was recognized by 1SG(Ret.) Cockrell for their outstanding support as well as their great potential for becoming exceptional Army officers.