Break Contact Leadership Lab

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Cadets perform drillISU Army ROTC (Cyclone Battalion) Conducts Leadership Lab 28SEP2011 in order that MSIII cadets gain leadership experience by instructing MSI’s and II’s on Battle Drill 3 Break Contact

Key Tasks:
Butcher Block Instruction
Execution in Pammel Woods

MSIII’s Gain leadership experience, II’s and I’s have a better understanding of Battle Drill 3, Break Contact

During the break contact lab MS IIIs were able to review the basics of the battle drill and develop their instruction skills by teaching it to the MS Is and Iis. The IIIs were also able to use their terrain model kits for the first time, a skill that they will have to perfect to be successful at Warrior Forge. They also met earlier in the week to set out lanes and plan OPFOR positions. Instruction was also given on EPW searches and cadets were able to gain hands on experience.

: During the Break Contact Lab the cadets were instructed on the proper techniques for a planned withdraw, bounding over watch,  as well as the proper techniques for conducting EPW searches on the objective. These techniques are instilled into them to ensure that in future missions the steps in properly executing this drill are known and carried out correctly and to standard for their future careers. During the lab the  MS III’s were introduced to leadership responsibilities to better their command presence and get them ready to lead Soldiers and to teach there peers in a military setting.