JROTC Presentation


Cadet presents to JROTCISU MSII Cadets conduct an informational briefing 04-05OCT11 vicinity Central Campus to enlighten Junior ROTC Cadets on college opportunities and the different aspects of ROTC.
ISU MSII Cadets will capitalize on this excellent opportunity by fostering a positive relationship with Junior Cadets at Central Campus and discuss with Junior Cadets opportunities for their future.

Key Tasks: Inform Junior Cadets about opportunities for their future. Senior Cadets develop better public speaking skills. Maintain a professional demeanor and leave an outstanding impression with Junior Cadets and Cadre.

ISU MSII Cadets leverage this excellent opportunity to effectively showcase the ISU ROTC program with prospective students and foster an enduring positive relationship with CC Junior Cadets.

This training assisted ISU MSII Cadets in learning the essentials and fundamentals of hosting an event. This event provided MSII Cadets with the opportunity of planning, organizing, and executing an event. It gave the MSII Cadets a starting point for developing a positive relationship with CC Junior Cadets. MSII Cadets maintained a professional demeanor and attitude throughout the event. In addition, MSII Cadets got the chance to exploit their public speaking skills and capitalize on a significant leadership development opportunity. Overall, MSII executed all key task to the best of their abilities and showcase their potential for future

On 04OCT11 & 05OCT11 five cadets from the Cyclone Battalion MSII class conducted an informational briefing for Central Campus Junior Cadets. MSII Cadets elaborated over two topics, college opportunities and Army ROTC. The sub-topics which were covered are as follows: preparing for college, finding the right college, timeline to apply for college, what is Army ROTC, ROTC scholarships, ROTC classes, and ROTC opportunities. After the conclusion of the presentation, Junior Cadets split up into groups with one Senior Cadet leading each group discussion. Senior Cadets provided more insightful information about college and ROTC. Also, Senior Cadets conducted a team building exercise with CC Junior Cadets. In addition, Senior Cadets answered questions from individual Junior Cadets. Upon the completion of this event, LTC (Ret.) Bennett 1SG (Ret.) Cockrell expressed a vast amount of gratitude to the Senior Cadets for supporting the Central Campus Red Bull Battalion JROTC program.