ISU Army ROTC (Cyclone Battalion) Conducts Leadership Lab 19OCT2011. MSIII cadets gain leadership experience by leading MSI’s and II’s while completing at specific task

Key Tasks:
Receive Mission
Formulate a plan

MSIII’s Gain leadership experience, by leading I’s and II’s through a challenging obstacle

During the FLRC lab cadets were given an opportunity to put their problem solving skills to the test. The MSIVs designed nine challenging lanes to simulate what cadets would see at LDAC. The IVs than acted as TACs while the MSIIIs lead their squads. This was the first time the IIIs were tested in an environment similar to Warrior Forge. They are now aware of their strengths and weaknesses and will have future opportunities to improve. The cadre and MSIVs were able to identify what aspects of FLRC need to be worked on to ensure success once at LDAC.

MSIV’s planned FLRC lanes for the MSIII’s. MSIII leadership carried out the mission for each of the lanes. Cadets received an OPORD and were required to carry out their specified mission in a given amount of time. Many of the assigned missions required cadets to cross an obstacle carrying equipment such as ammo containers or water jugs. The leadership was required to cross the obstacle with all equipment and personnel in a specified amount of time.