DodgeballISU SROTC will conduct physical training on 08DEC11 at 0700 vicinity Central Campus IOT improve physical fitness and continue to build upon a positive relationship with Central Campus cadets.
ISU Cadets will use this great opportunity to interact with JROTC cadets, to build a stronger link between ISU and the JROTC Cadets for future trainings to come.

Key Tasks: To assist and develop Junior Cadets with their physical fitness. ISU cadets will strengthen their leadership skills and to further improve the connection with the Red Bull Battalion Cadets and Cadre.

ISU MS II Cadets leave a perpetual imprint on the Red Bull Battalions Cadets fostering a continued mutually beneficial partnership.

ISU Cadets learned different fundamental skills for how to prepare and conduct training between ISU and Central Campus. ISU MS II Cadets were also placed in leadership positions that will help them in the future. Also, the ISU Cadets were positive and motivating, throughout the entire operation. Overall, the success and determination of both ISU and Central Campus cadets to improve our relationship will greatly help in the future.

Five ISU MS II Cadets conducted PT with JROTC Cadets at Central Campus on 08DEC11. The Ms IIs conducted 3 different workouts throughout the day meeting with over 40 different cadets to help them improve their physical fitness. Upon the completion of the workout, the the SROTC and JRTOC cadets played dodge ball which helped build teamwork and sportsmanship. The ISU MS IIs were also given the opportunity to lead JROTC cadets through various exercises that they were not familiar with . ISU Cadets then took a tour of the Red Bull Battalions facilities to see how they conducted their classes and their everyday life. In the end, The cadre, LTC (Ret.) Bennett and 1SG (Ret.) Cockrell were very pleased with how the training went and hope to see the ISU Cadets more in the future.