Leadership Lab: Squad Link-up and Range Card


ISU Army ROTC (Alpha Company, Cyclone Battalion) conducts Squad Link-up Patrol Base and Range card Leadership Lab on 01Feb12. MSIII cadets gain leadership experience by teaching MS I’s and II’s how to coordinate a Squad Link-up and how to fill out Range cards

Key Tasks:
Setting up a Patrol Base
Proper reporting of friendly locations
Knowledge and purpose of Range cards

MS III’s gain leadership experience and MS I’s and II’s gain knowledge on Squad Link-up and Range cards.

During the Squad Link-up Patrol Base leadership lab, MS IIIs were able to develop their instruction skills by teaching the MS I’s and II’s. After training was complete, the I’s and II’s had a competition to see which squads did better at filling out a Range card accurately and effectively. The best squad got out of doing extra duty. By doing this, it gave the squads the incentive to make sure that all members had a firm grasp on the training material. It also sparked friendly competition amongst squads. By incorporating this competition we hope to see more active learning and willingness to participate and ask questions if certain material is unclear.

ISU Army ROTC cadets were properly trained on how to set up and execute a Squad Link-up Patrol Base. Cadets were taught why it is important to understand how a Squad Link-up is conducted. MS I’s and II’s were also taught how Range cards are properly filled out and the importance of Range cards and what they are used for.