Vice President Biden’s Visit to ISU


Jared Juel, Army ROTC MSI Briefed Vice President Joe Biden on the Rapid Prototyping Technologies in the Engineering College 01MAR12 at Iowa State University to present the Vice President with the knowledge of the capability of Rapid prototyping to enhance research and technology. This includes green energy benefits of wind turbine technology.

It is not every day one has the chance to speak directly to the Vice President of the United States, and undoubtedly for Cadet Juel, this day will never be forgotten. The superior qualities of our training have given our cadets an edge and raised their abilities to be worthy of such a task. When most are approached about speaking to a VIP or a large group of people, they say “isn’t there someone else?” Our cadets say “there is no one else.”

During the Vice President’s visit, CDT Jared Juel was able to brief him on the Rapid Prototyping technology at Iowa State University, within the Engineering College. Juel spent quality time preparing the building for the visit, working with the Secret Service and White House Personnel in order to assure the safety of the Vice President.