ISU Bataan Memorial Death March


ISU Army ROTC Cadets conduct 26.2 mile ruck march on 25th March 2012 at the White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico to conduct a memorial ruck march to pay tribute to those who were forced to march from Mariveles to San Fernando during WWII after the battle of Bataan in the Philippines.

Key Tasks:
Train to execute a 26.2 mile ruck march
Conduct the 26.2 mile ruck march at the White Sand Missile Base course in New Mexico.
All cadets complete the ruck march

All Cadets complete the 26.2 miles while either caring just a water source or a 35lbs ruck

During the Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, the ISU Army ROTC cadets maintained a high level professionalism at all times. The Bataan survivors , active duty Soldiers and ISU Alumni noticed this and complimented them on their conduct , appearance and the way they represented ROTC. Each cadet was tested physically and mentally on an individual level while navigating tough terrain and scorching heat. Every Cadet that participated learned something about themselves, their limitations, and their ability to endure under harsh conditions, making them more self aware and developing them into better leaders.

ISU Army ROTC cadets performed in an excellent manner while conducting the Bataan Memorial Death March. Cadet Thomas Wilson came in with the fastest time out of the ISU cadets with a time of 5:55:53 placing 4th overall in the ROTC light division and 3rd in his age class. Coming in with the second fastest time for the ISU cadets was Cadet Ian Hess with a time of 6:05:42 placing 8th overall in ROTC light and 6th in his age class. Cadet Jacob Rajcula finished 3rd for ISU in the ROTC Light with a time of 6:33:30 finishing 11th overall and 2nd in his age group. Cadet Raymond Kiemen finished with an astonishing time of 6:44:02, placing him 11th overall and 8th in his age group for ROTC heavy. CDT Eric Wilt finished with a time of 8:07:52 in the ROTC Heavy Division. We had two teams: one in the Light and one in the Heavy Division for ROTC.