ISU Leadership Lab: STX Lanes


ISU Army ROTC (Alpha Company, Cyclone Battalion) conducts force on force STX Lanes on 04APR12 during leadership lab. MS III cadets gain leadership experience by leading MS Is and IIs in Situational Training Exercises. Force on force training introduced something new.

Key Tasks:
Receipt and issue of squad OPORD
Conduct planning and rehearsals
Conduct mission
Each squad attacks another squad

MS IIIs gain leadership experience and MS Is and IIs gain knowledge on STX Lanes

During this week’s leadership lab, MS III cadets have taken it to the next step and began showing their skills they have worked hard to attain. The lab incorporated a welcomed change. Instead of attacking a weak OPFOR made up of MS IV cadets, squads attacked each other. This change broke up the monotony of weekly STX lanes. Having 1 or 2 enemies to attack is much less valuable than another squad, especially when they are maneuvering on your position. The training was more realistic and will greatly benefit the MS III cadets’ preparation for Warrior Forge.

Leadership Lab consisted of STX lanes in Pammel Woods. The MS III squad leaders received and turned over their operations order and began rehearsals after moving into the woods. All squad leaders were tasked to perform a movement to contact lane against another squad. The TACs killed or injured cadets based on various information, such as leadership skills and whether a cadet properly used cover and concealment. After the lanes were completed, cadets knocked out an after-action review (AAR) and returned to the final formation.