Drake and ISU Army ROTC Tea for Two


Drake and ISU Army ROTC will assist in the Tea for Two event by driving guests from parking to the Governor’s mansion on Terrace Hill. Cadets help develop a positive relationship with the community, setting the stage for future opportunities for volunteering.

Key Tasks:
•Drive guests from parking area to mansion
•Assist guests up and down stairs

Drake and ISU cadets will have helped make Tea for Two a successful event and will have made a positive impression on Governor Branstad and his guests.

During the Tea for Two event, cadets were able to engage with important community members that were invited to the First Lady’s Tea for Two event. Guests enjoyed the luxury of being driven by golf carts to the front door of the mansion, and they expressed appreciation for our presence. The Governor was also thankful, and this event helped to develop a working relationship with the Governor for future events.

Five Drake and ISU MSIVs volunteered to assist during the Tea for Two event which took place over FTX weekend on Saturday 21 APR 2012. Cadets Derek Hagerty, Carl Schmidt, Ivan Ong, Benjamin Kertzman, and Rachael Stern helped by driving guests in golf carts from their cars, up Terrace Hill to the front door of the Governor’s mansion. The event was held to honor past and present first ladies, and many prominent community figures were present. The help from the cadets was strongly appreciated and it set the stage for ROTC to be called on again for help with future events.