Drake Army ROTC American Red Cross Pushup-a-thon


Drake Army ROTC will conduct a pushup-a-thon fundraiser on 23APR2012 in cooperation with the Red Cross of the Greater Des Moines Area. Drake Cadets use this opportunity to represent Army ROTC in a philanthropic atmosphere.

Key Tasks:
•Attain Sponsors.
•Collect Donations.
•Complete two minutes of pushups

Drake Cadets represent the Army ROTC Program to the campus and community in order to gain further exposure.

Conducting the pushup-a-thon gave Drake Cadets the chance to give back to the Drake Community and to the greater Des Moines area. This allowed Drake Cadets to experience representing the United States Army on a local level. Additionally, this event was an opportunity for Drake Cadets to interact with the Red Cross, and each of their respective sponsors.

8 Drake Cadets (MSI through MSIV) collected donations from sponsors prior to and throughout the event. Cadets then performed two minutes of APFT standard pushups on Pomerantz Stage in the Olmsted Center at Drake University while the Red Cross provided support for cadets, and information to the audience. A total of over $600 was raised for the American Red Cross.