Task Force Dodge JFTX


Cyclone Battalion, part of Task Force Dodge, conducts JFTX at Camp Dodge on 19APR12 – 22APR12. MSIII cadets prepare for LDAC and MS I and MS II cadets increase their confidence and leadership abilities by completing various tasks.

Key Tasks:
STX lanes, Patrolling lanes, FLRC lanes, Land Navigation, Paintball, Rappelling, Confidence Course and Patrol Base Operations

MS III cadets are properly prepared for LDAC and MS Is and IIs have higher levels of confidence and leadership abilities.

During the JFTX at Camp Dodge, MS IIIs received an introduction to LDAC style operations. The STX, Patrolling and FLRC lanes helped them hone their small unit leadership skills. Most important for MSIIIs was interacting and conducting operations with Cadets from other schools and the introduction to the Regimental leadership process. Both are invaluable lessons that will ensure success at LDAC. The MS Is and MS IIs increased their leadership abilities and sharpened the skills that they have learned throughout the year. Incorporating MSIIs on STX lanes also builds a foundation within the class to set conditions for success next year.

ISU Army ROTC MS III cadets experienced a taste of LDAC, they were separated and assigned to squads with cadets from other schools. The squads then conducted STX lanes followed by land navigation followed by patrolling lanes and patrol base operations. MS I and MS II cadets sharpened old skills or learned new ones during this JFTX through the tasks they completed. They completed the confidence course, rappelling, force on force paintball and land navigation. All were introduced to the variable of working with cadets they have never met before.