Drake Army ROTC Drake Relays Street Painting


Drake Army ROTC will complete a street painting square for the Drake Relays 2012 to the specification submitted the week prior. Drake Cadets use this opportunity to increase ROTC presence on campus

Key Tasks:

•Create street square design and submit it for approval
•Get required materials
•Paint the square

 Drake Cadets represent the ROTC program with a completed square that clearly stands out amongst the other Drake student organizations

Participation in Drake Relays street painting allowed the Cadets to increase ROTC’s presence on Drake campus. The Cadets conducted the painting in a professional manner and received praise from the Student Activities Board. Participation in this years event will increase the probability that the ROTC program will be able to participate in Drake events into the future

Drake Cadets successfully submitted and created ROTC’s street painting square by the assigned deadline. The Cadets received praise form the Student Activities Board for Drake University, and the program will likely get to participate in this event again in the future. This opportunity allowed Cadets to bond and shed a positive light on the ROTC program on campus.