NGO Missions CULP Tanzania


Cyclone Battalion Cadet Amber Bruer conducts Humanitarian/NGO assistance mission vic Tanzania between 12MAY12 – 03JUN12 IOT immerse herself in the culture of Tanzania.The cadet worked towards developing more cultural awareness and foreign language proficiency skills.

Key Tasks: Work in local communities, volunteer at local organizations, schools, community centers, and also attend language classes.

Cyclone Battalion Cadet Bruer successfully developed more cultural awareness, foreign language proficiency skills, as well as helped foster international relationships with the country of Tanzania.

The Tanzanian CULP deployment was successful in developing cultural awareness and foreign language proficiency skills. Cyclone Battalion Cadet Bruer was able to assist local communities in tasks such as teaching the alphabet and basic English at a local nursery school, pouring concrete for a future classroom, and attending cultural immersion classes. The local populace who conducted the previous tasks with the cadet improved in their knowledge of English, would have a foundation for their new classroom, and were able to share their lifestyle with the cadets on this trip. Cadet Bruer also attended Kiswahili classes multiple times a week, which in return broadened her language spectrum.

Cadet Bruer spent 21 days within the country of Tanzania. Cadet Bruer worked with the NGO Cross Cultural Solutions spending three weeks teaching at the K.K.K.T. Nursery School in Bagamoyo during the morning hours and attending cultural classes in the afternoons. Those classes consisted of different field trips around the town of Bagamoyo. Trips included seeing the local Medicine Man and visiting a family who practices and performs traditional African music. Cadet Bruer was able to visit the local art market during her free time as well as the Monday Market where the locals bought their everyday items. On weekends, Cadet Bruer spent her time exploring the various historic and cultural sites around Bagamoyo and Zanzibar, the local island off the coast of Dar es Salaam. Cadet Bruer spent a total of one week, before and after, at Ft. Knox, Kentucky in order to conduct pre and post deployment training.