CULP Cape Verde


Cadet Hekter Deploys to Cape Verde, Africa IOT teach English to the Cape Verdean Military as well as building relations Purpose: To train, develop, and become culturally proficient in Cape Verde as well as learning how to react to culture shock

Key Tasks:
•Train Cape Verdean Soldiers in English
•Observe Cape Verdean military exercises such as immigration
•Act as professional international representative of Cyclone Battalion

End State: Cadet Hekter acted in a professional manner and successfully built relations while improving the English capabilities of the Cape Verdean Military

The deployment was incredibly successful as Cadet Hekter taught English and built positive relations with many soldiers in the military. Soldiers advanced on their levels of learning and saw great improvements on the assessment tests they took before and after the cadets were in Cape Verde. Cadet Hekter will also be able to adapt to other foreign cultures much quicker after this experience.

Cadet Hekter spent 21 days in Cape Verde, Africa as well as pre-deployment and post-deployment stays at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Cadet Hekter got the opportunity to train Cape Verdean officers and enlisted soldiers in English while learning an incredible amount about the country. Cadet Hekter also got the opportunity to meet key figures with influence on the country. These people included the United States Ambassador to Cape Verde, US AFRICOM commander General Carter Ham, and the president of Cape Verde. Cadet Hekter got to watch as the Cape Verdean military conducted immigration exercises for the first time. He was also able to tour the country with their military to gain a better understanding of their culture. Cadet Hekter quickly became accustomed to Cape Verdean culture by quickly immersing himself in many of the country’s customs and courtesies. This included attending religious events, sporting events, and by simply doing what the locals do. Cadet Hekter conducted himself like a future officer in the United States Army would by abiding by the Army Values at all times.