Cyclone Battalion Operation Cyclone Strong


Cyclone Strong RunForty-two incoming freshman cadets successfully complete Operation Cyclone Strong on 16, 17, 18AUG 12 VIC Ames, Iowa and Camp Dodge.To prepare incoming cadets for their cadet career, give MS III’s the opportunity to plan and execute leadership roles, allow MS IV’s to develop officership through planning and to develop interaction between friends and family of cadre and cadets.

Conduct rehearsals for events on 15AUG12
Conduct APFT, supply draw and D&C and C&C Class VIC Ames on 16AUG12
Conduct FLRC and paintball VIC Camp Dodge on 17AUG12
Conduct Battalion Run and Cadet Barbeque VIC Ames on 18AUG12

All cadets training gain knowledge and develop proficiency within their designated positions and friends and family develop friendships and understanding of Cyclone Battalion methods and training.

Operation Cyclone Strong was well-planned and executed as such, resulting in beneficial training for both incoming cadets as trainees and MS III and IV cadets as trainers and teachers. Incoming cadets gained insight into what is demanded of Cyclone Battalion cadets and began team-building with their squads, squad leaders and peers. MS III’s were given the opportunity to plan and execute the training as cadet NCOs, gaining valuable insight into the upcoming tasks of their junior year. MS IVs were able to develop officership through the planning process and TAC positions as cadet officers. Through the cadet barbeque, cadets and their families gained fellowship and developed friendships within the Cyclone Battalion program and knowledge about our program’s intent.

Forty-two incoming freshman cadets participated in 2012 Operation Cyclone Strong, which took place on campus in Ames and at Camp Dodge. The operation events were overseen by MS IV cadets and planned and executed by MS III cadets. The operation was organized into three days of training. On day one, freshman took a diagnostic APFT, drew gear from supply, had classroom time learning D&C, C&C and proper uniform regulations and ended with campus orientation. Day two took place at Camp Dodge and included FLRC lanes and paintball. Day three began with a Battalion Run and ended with a cadet barbeque for cadets, cadre and their families and friends.