Post-Soviet Nation Military-to-Military CULP


Cadets Nielsen and Hild Deploy to Post-Soviet nations IOT train alongside the militaries of Bulgaria and Estonia to train, develop, and become culturally proficient in the nations of Bulgaria and Estonia.

Key Tasks:
•Train Bulgarian Officers in the English language.
•Train alongside Estonian Cadets in multiple drills and scenarios.
•Act as professional international representatives of Drake ROTC.

Drake Cadets Hild and Nielsen positively reflect American and Army values while gaining valuable international experience alongside foreign militaries.

Both CULP deployments were successful in their respective missions and provided Drake cadets with an international perspective. The Estonian cadets benefitted greatly from training with their US counterparts. The Bulgarian officers gained a higher proficiency in English and military vocabulary. Drake Cadets were able to experience the cuisine and cultural heritage of their host nations and make lasting ties to members of each country.

Cadets Nielsen and Hild spent 21 days each in Bulgaria and Estonia, respectively. Both deployments were through CULP and involved working with the countries’ military in a joint-training mission. Cadet Nielsen spent his trip working with Bulgarian Officers in order to help them become more proficient in the English language, a vital skill for NATO forces. Cadet Hild was sent to Estonia, where he worked with Estonian Cadets, viewed and participated in various military exercises, and took part in several events to build rapport with the Estonian peoples. The first part of each deployment was spent in FT. Knox, which served as the staging area before being sent overseas . Drake Cadets were able to get the most out of their CULP deployments by immersing themselves in the native cultures, experiencing cultural traditions and witnessing several prominent landmarks in both countries. Hild and Nielsen conducted themselves in a professional manner befitting that of a future Officer and reflected the United States well while in their host nations.