Classroom / Gym Dedication Ceremony


Conway MemorialCyclone BN dedicates the armory classroom and weight gym in honor of CPT Mark Conway and 1LT David Giaimo.
Purpose: To remember the achievements and sacrifices of CPT Conway and 1LT Giaimo, and to inspire current and future cadets to follow their leadership example.

Opening statements and cadre introductions by CPT Aaron Rosheim.
Slideshow of pictures honoring CPT Conway and 1LT Giaimo.
Introductions of alumni of Cyclone BN.
Statements by PMSs of Cyclone BN during CPT Conway’s and 1LT Giaimo’s ROTC career.
Socializing, refreshments, and tours of the newly dedicated facilities.

Cyclone BN honored CPT Conway, 1LT Giaimo, and their families, while their stories are tied to the facilities used for the development of the young leaders to follow them through the Iowa State Army ROTC program.

The Dedication Ceremony was thoroughly planned and executed with respect and honor for the fallen officers, providing family, classmates, cadre, and current cadets an opportunity to reflect upon their achievements and valiance. Family members were consoled for their losses and honored for their sacrifice. Old classmates were able to share their memories of their fallen comrades, thus honoring their memories and keeping the ceremony as a celebration of their lives and accomplishments. Current cadets heard the stories of CPT Conway and 1LT Giaimo and developed an appreciation for their time in the program, the weight of the duties facing them, and their predecessors’ service ahead of them. Through the placement of the plaques and renaming of the facilities, future cadets not yet enrolled will be able to learn of their story, and use the knowledge to build their future foundation for their own leadership abilities.

The dedication ceremony of the CPT Conway Memorial Classroom and the David L. Giaimo Memorial Gym was held on 31 1600 AUG 12 in the ISU Armory classroom. Friends, family, and loved ones travelled from as far away as Florida to attend the event. CPT Conway’s wife, son, parents and siblings were in attendance along with 1LT Giaimo’s parents. The ceremony began with an slideshow of the two remembered alumni of their time at ISU. Remarks from both of their PMSs were given, followed by classmates and friends. The event concluded with a tour of both dedicated facilities. Both families were extremely appreciative of this small gesture and we are honored to be a part of it.