Cyclone Battalion Game Ball Run


Game Ball Run35 select cadets complete the game ball run from Ames to Tama and visit veterans home on 7 SEP 12 VIC Ames, Colo, State Center, Marshalltown and Tama. To transfer the game ball to University of Iowa cadets, visit veterans home and deliver supplies to Iowa Food Pantry.

Conduct route recon on 3 SEP 12
Collected donations for Iowa Food Pantry on 3, 4, 5 SEP 12
Conduct run with game ball through Ames, Colo, State Center, Marshalltown and Tama
Visit Iowa Veteran’s Home

Develop our outreach strategy within neighboring communities and promote camaraderie both within our battalion and with Hawkeye Battalion.

The game ball run was a success both for the purpose of promoting Cyclone Battalion positively in the public eye and completing the intent to deliver the game ball to the University of Iowa cadets. Participating cadets gained a stronger sense of involvement in the program as well as a sense of pride in themselves and Cyclone Battalion. Cadets gained a valuable perspective after visiting the Iowa Veterans Home and discussing current and past events with the veterans. Cyclone Battalion was well represented by polite and professional cadets at every phase of the run, reflecting positively on themselves, ROTC and the Army.

35 cadets, selected based on their APFT two-mile time, participated in the 2012 Cyclone Battalion Game Ball Run. Starting in Ames, cadets ran through Colo, State Center, Marshalltown and Tama to transfer the game ball to University of Iowa cadets at Roadside Park. In each town, cadets called cadence while being escorted by local police. After arriving at Roadside Park and prior to a barbeque there, both battalions presented food donations collected the week prior to representatives from the Iowa Food Pantry. Following the barbeque, Cyclone Battalion cadets were transported to the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown. While there, cadets shared stories, experiences and memories with veterans, before returning to Ames. Following the run, cadets Trevor Thein and Ethan Subra presented the game ball to the game officials VIC Kinnick Stadium.