Cyclone Battalion Fall FTX


At the RangeCyclone Battalion conducts Fall FTX vic Camp Dodge on 21-23SEP2012 IOT retain cadets, train MS3 class, and practice field skills.
Purpose: To retain cadets, train the MS3 class to succeed at LDAC, and practice field skills.

-Conduct MS4 rehearsal for FTX on 16SEP2012.
-Conduct Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Electronic Simulation Training, Weapons Cleaning/Disassembly, and PMS In-Brief on 21SEP2012.
-Conduct Rappel, Confidence Course, and Day/Night Land Nav on 22SEP2012.
-Conduct FLRC and HGAC on 23SEP2012.

All cadets are able to successfully complete two rappels, negotiate the confidence course, zero a rifle, disassemble a rifle, complete HGAC, pass Day / Night Land Navigation Course, and listen to PMS brief. All MS3 cadets lead a squad through at least one FLRC lane while being TACced by an MS4 cadet.

FTX was well-planned and executed as such, resulting in beneficial training for MS 1 and MS2 cadets, and MS III and IV cadets as trainers and teachers. MS 1, MS2, and MS3 cadets gained valuable training experience throughout the weekend and gained a better understanding of what will be required of them as future Army officers. Unlike previous years, cadets were allotted at least 100 rounds to fire on the range, giving cadets extra training with weapons familiarization. MS III cadets were given the opportunity to lead a squad-sized element through an FLRC lane, and MS4 cadets gained experience TACcing the MS3 leadership simulating the environment that the MS3 class will experience during Warrior Forge next summer. MS IVs were able to develop valuable officership skills through the planning process and by being c/OICs for each event; training each cadet to and above the Cyclone Battalion standard. This FTX was one of the coldest to date, and cadets were able to learn how to best utilize their equipment to prepare themselves for the field environment.

Over 150 Cadets from Cyclone Battalion conducted a three day Field Training Exercise. Day one consisted of Basic Rifle Marksmanship and Land Navigation training. MS4 cadets were given the opportunity to qualify on the M4 assault rifle, while MS1, MS2, and MS3 cadets conducted familiarization with the M4 on the range and also using the Engagement Skills Trainer, or EST. On day two, cadets were able to demonstrate their personal courage by completing the 15 foot and 30 foot rappel tower and the confidence course on Camp Dodge. The second half of day two consisted of Day and Night land navigation testing and familiarization. MS1 cadets conducted land navigation in groups of 3 to 4 cadets and a MS4 or MS5 overseeing their progress and providing guidance when needed. MS2 and MS3 cadets were able to test their land navigation skills in preparation for Warrior Forge. Day three consisted of FLRC lanes and the Hand Grenade Assault Course. MS3 cadets were able to lead a squad through a challenging obstacle in order to better develop their leadership skills. The HGAC familiarized cadets with proper throwing techniques of the hand grenade and served as a great conclusion to a well executed Field Training Exercise.