Tri-Service Physical Training


Cyclone Battalion, Alpha Company conducts Tri-Service Physical Training 020600LNOV2012 vicinity Lied Recreation IOT conduct PT and foster a positive relationship with the Navy, Marines, and Air Force cadets. Foster a positive relationship with the Navy, Marines, and Air Force ROTC departments and improve physical fitness.

Conduct rehearsals with all key leadership, obtain essential feedback from rehearsals, and adjust plan as necessary based on feedback, followed by seamless execution.

Positive relationship fostered and camaraderie between each of the four services established.

Cadets Cox, Durbala, Kwon, Hagen, and Stoll were the five cadets selected to represent the Cyclone Battalion. They each led an intermixed group of cadets from different ROTC departments and civilian students. Each group leader inspired their respective group to surpass their physical limitations with high motivation. In the end, a positive relationship was developed and all of the cadet and civilian students successfully completed the designated workout.

Over 225 Cadets from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force ROTC departments conducted physical training on 02NOV12. The Cyclone Battalion, Alpha Company’s Cadet leadership led first and final formation, which ensured all cadets were accounted for and cadets were evenly distributed amongst groups. With a total of 20 groups, five cadets from each branch led an intermixed group of cadets and civilian students. The groups were tasked with completing as many rounds as possible in three sessions which were 15 minutes each. Each station was dedicated to improving the physical fitness of different bodily regions. Station red focused on strengthening muscular strength and endurance of the upper body region, station white focused on core stability while station blue focused on strengthening quadriceps and hamstring muscles.