Cyclone Battalion conducts CWST on 14NOV12 at 1900 vic Beyer Hall pool IOT test waterborne skills and prepare MSIIIs for Warrior Forge. Develop confidence in an aquatic area, enhance personal courage, and prepare MSIIIs for Warrior Forge.

Brief ConOp and conduct rehersal on 13 NOV 2012
Conduct CWST supply draw 12 OCT 2012

All Cadets passed the CWST to standard anddeveloped personal courage and confidence in their abilities to perform in an aquatic environment.

This unique Leadership Lab tested cadets’ confidence in a water environment, pushing them to adapt to an unusual environment. The event allowed MS I’s, II’s, III’s to increase their personal courage and skills in water and learn techniques to survive in a combat water environment. CWST developed MS IV’s planning and supervising skills that they will be using while Officers. The event also prepared current MS III’s for the Water Confidence Course required for Warrior Forge. With stations being completed with squad integrity, CWST brought cadets together as they endured each station.

Cyclone Battalion’s Cadets participated in combat water survival training at Leadership Lab in Beyer Hall.  The operation was planned and operated by the MS IV class and was executed by the MS I’s, II’s, and III’s. During Lab, all cadets where able to complete five different CWST stations that will enable them to be able to survive in an aquatic environment both with and without their equipment. Retest for those who failed on the first try was completed following the cadet’s final station. This training will enhance their abilities to perform at the Warrior Forge water confidence course.