COB/MOB Leadership Lab


Civilians and MediaCyclone Battalion conducted Civilians and Media on the Battlefield during leadership lab on 06FEB13 IOT develop leadership skills and prepare MSIII for LDAC IOT prepare MSIIIs for Warrior Forge this summer by incorporating challenging scenarios similar to those experienced at LDAC.

Supply request turn in on 01FEB13
Conducted lane validations on 04FEB13
Lane setup and Execution on 06FEB13

All cadets gained valuable experience and knowledge on how to treat Civilians and Media on the Battlefield. MSIII’s gained insight to various scenarios experienced at LDAC while MSI and MSII cadets were able to work together to enhance the training.

Cyclone Battalion’s leadership lab was well coordinated and the lanes MSIIIs experienced were challenging and comparable to those at Warrior Forge. MSIII leadership first taught classes to MSI and MSII cadets on how to interact with civilians and media while maintaining security and safety of the squad. MSIII cadets were forced to improvise when confronted with civilians and media, using their squad to negotiate the lane. The aspect of civilians and media on the battlefield are representative of real world scenarios happening in Afghanistan. By providing valuable training to subordinate cadets, MSIV leadership and role players were able to evaluate and properly train junior cadets for Warrior Forge.

Cadets conducted lanes consisting of meeting with a village elder, a civilian with information relating to a downed pilot, and foreign media interrupting a squad’s mission. Role players consisted of MSIV cadets and two journalism majors acting as media. Cadets had to use innovation and teamwork in order to properly negotiate the lane. After each lane, the cadets conducted an After Action Review to identify shortfalls and recognize positive aspects of how the squad negotiated the lane. The insights gained during the AAR helped all cadets gain a better understanding of interaction with civilians and media on the battlefield.