Room Clearing Leadership Lab

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Room ClearingCyclone Battalion conducted MOUT during leadership lab on 13FEB13 IOT develop leadership skills and prepare MSIII cadets for LDAC IOT prepare MSIIIs for Warrior Forge this summer by incorporating challenging scenarios similar to those experienced at LDAC.

Supply request turn in on 08FEB13
Conducted class validations on 10FEB13
Class setup and Execution on 13FEB13

All cadets gained valuable experience and knowledge on how to conduct MOUT operations. MSIII’s gained insight to training and scenarios to be experienced at LDAC while MSI and MSII cadets were able to gain knowledge of MOUT operations.

Cyclone Battalion’s leadership lab was well coordinated and the classes taught by MSIII cadets were knowledge-based and scenarios conducted were comparable to those at Warrior Forge. MSIII cadets took the opportunity during Supplemental Instruction to learn from a prior service member that had been deployed on several tours to Iraq about MOUT operations. MSIII leadership taught classes prior to conducting each scenario in order to demonstrate and instruct specific techniques that can be utilized in clearing rooms, hallways, and stairs. By providing OPFOR and TACs, MSIV leadership were able to evaluate and properly train junior cadets for Warrior Forge.

Cadets conducted multiple scenarios consisting of clearing a hallway, a room with multiple doors, and a room with obstacles. Cadets had to use innovation and teamwork in order to properly execute MOUT operations during lab. The use of the campus Armory building provide cadets with a great representation of an urban environment. A final After-Action-Review of the event was conducted by the MS III class following completion of the lab in order to suggest improvements or sustains for next year’s lab.