ROTC students from across the United States traveled to Benin, West Africa to teach conversational English to the Cadets at the National Military Academy to build Relations with the Beninois. Immerse Cadets in African Culture.

Key tasks include: In Briefing at FT. Knox, Travel overseas, Teach English to Beninios, Be immersed in the Africa Culture, Create lasting relations with Benin

ROTC students have held leadership roles in teaching environments, have held leadership roles in Army formations. Cadets have been immersed in a culture much different then the United States.

Starting the trip with 5 less Cadets then expected was a set back especially when two were from ISU. The 22 days we spent in Benin were well worth the delay, The experiences and time spent with not only the cadets from around  Benin, but also all the surrounding African countries, really helped show all the American Cadets a new side to life through their students eyes. We learned about everything from French to the Slave trade. Overall, the trip to Benin was a success for all Cadets involved in the trip.

On 09May2013, 22 ROTC cadets arrived at FT. Knox to be in processed to go to Benin. 14 days later 17 Cadets leave after receiving a diplomatic note from the embassy to be able to arrive in Benin. During the stay, Cadets, taught English for four hours a day, participated in events like qualifying with the AKM rifle, 15Km ruck march, binocular utilization classes, and exploring the African markets. Traveling through the country side made for great experiences in Benin.