Tank racing in Croatia

LTC Smith, CDTs Baldwin, Quimby, and Sadowski deploys to Croatia to be immersed in the culture and to train and learn alongside the Croatian Armed forces to train alongside Croatian cadets and learn about the Croatian Armed forces.

Key Tasks: Receive weapons training on Croatian firearms. Weapons including, VHS Rifle, HS pistol, and the AK-47, Participate in Croatian Defense Academy Summer training. Including tactics and weapons qualification, Understand and be taught the Croatian Commissioning process through the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Cyclone BN Cadets gained a better understanding of the Croatian armed forces while increasing their domain knowledge in order to become better United States Army Officers

The Croatia CULP deployment was successful in the respective mission. The deployment provided Cadets Baldwin, Quimby, and Sadowski a greater international perspective. Cadets Baldwin, Quimby, and Sadowski learned about the Culture of Croatia and their military. Cadets Baldwin, Quimby, and Sadowski received excessive amounts of foreign military training, increasing military domain knowledge.

The team spent 24 days in Croatia. The deployment was through CULP. Throughout the deployment the team traveled through Croatia and become immersed with the culture. The team also traveled to each military branch to learn about the commissioning process throughout the Army, Navy, and Air force. The team trained alongside Croatian cadets and soldiers. Training included weapon familiarization, weapon assembly/disassembly, weapon qualification, and battle tactics. Cadets Baldwin, Quimby, and Sadowski participated in Croatian Cadet Academy’s summer camp. The team professionally represented the United States, U.S. Army, and Cyclone BN.