CTLT – Dongducheon, Korea: Camp Casey/Hovey


Wood in Korea

Cadet Wood was sent to the Republic of Korea(ROK) on 13JULY13 to shadow an active Armor 1st Lieutenant In order to learn about the duties and responsibilities of a Platoon Leader to experience the leadership role and responsibilities of a Platoon Leader; as well as, gain insight on the Army Table of Organization and equipment (TO&E)

Key tasks: Direct and execute orders in a proper manner utilizing the Chain of Command, Present a convoy brief to the Company, Assisted with Training and tactical employment of a Platoon, Collected and reported battlefield information to report to high echelon operations, was responsible for the maintenance, accountability, and employment of 3 M3A3 Bradley’s and 5 UAHMMWVs totaling $19 Million Dollars

End State: Cadet Wood left a perpetual imprint on the 1ABCT 4-7 Cav Comanche Troop and gained insight on how a Brigade Combat Team Prepares their soldiers to “fight tonight”.

Cadet Wood learned many fundamental skills that will better prepare him when he commissions as  a 2nd Lieutenant in the United State Army. Cadet Wood also interacted with soldiers, NCOs, and KATUSAs Korean Augment to the United States of the ROK army.  He now knows how to help in the training, morale, welfare, safety, and combat readiness of an Armor Company and Platoon.

Cadet Wood had the great opportunity to travel to the Republic of Korea for CTLT. While there, Cadet Wood supervised a small team training plan he developed with his Platoon Sergeant, conducted a leader’s recon of the training area, led his Soldiers through an alert and N+H Hour sequence, developed and briefed a tactically sound plan for movement, execution of security operations, and conducted PCCs and PCIs. Cadet Wood also led his Soldiers through rehearsals, supervised reconnaissance and security operations, and established dismounted observation posts. Due to the discipline, sound judgment, and mental toughness of Cadet Wood, he was a great asset to the 4-7 Cav Comanche Troop.