Basic Airborne Course


Airborne Wings

Conduct required training at Ft. Benning, GA 26JUL13-17AUG13, to earn the Basic Parachutist Badge. Conduct Ground week, Tower week and Jump week training to earn the Basic Parachutist Badge.

Key Tasks: Ground week: Mock door trainer, Individual exit training. Tower week: Mass exit mock door trainer, mass exit 35’ tower, 250’ tower simulated drop. Jump week: 5 Jumps successfully completed from a C-130 or C-17 Air Force aircraft

End State: Airborne Candidates successfully complete and qualify on all training apparatuses and have five successful jump from an aircraft in flight.

The Basic Airborne Course was conducted over a three week period making sure that each and every soldier was properly trained in techniques of actions within the aircraft, exiting the aircraft, actions performed while in the air and how to perform a proper PLF(Parachute Landing Fall). Training throughout the course was very thorough and informative which built confidence for a soldier to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft.

Airborne started on the 26JUL13 with in processing and progressed into ground week where we learned the basics of how to rig a parachute, land, exit an aircraft, etc. Tower week was a culmination of ground week with the added tasks of mass exiting an aircraft, use of the 250’ towers, and parachute malfunctions. Jump week consisted of early morning and long afternoons and five successful jumps onto Fryar drop zone followed by graduation and the presentation of your Jump Wings.