CDT Kelly and CDT Speer

Cyclone BN conducts Cadet of the Month Board on 17SEP13 vic the Armory recognize outstanding performance by cadets in the month of September, show cadets board procedures

Key Tasks: MSIVs plan and coordinate the procedures for Cadet of the Month. Nominations are sent up the Chain of Command. Board is held to determine Cadets of the Month.

End State: Cyclone Battalion successfully completes training and builds better cohesion in each squad while making leadership more adaptable.

Cyclone Battalion’s Cadet of the Month Program was instituted by the MSIVs. Cadets that were nominated for Cadet of the Month chose a sponsor in an MS class above them. This sponsor got the chance to mentor and prepare their respective cadet for the board. The event gave all cadets a chance to familiarize themselves with how a board works so when their Soldiers go in the future, they will have an idea of what they are going through. It allowed the MSI and MSIIs to further their basic knowledge, allow cadre to identify who is standing out and it also gave the program a chance to recognize MSIs, MSIIs, and MSIIIs who have gone above the standard.

The Cadet of the Month Board was held on 17SEP13 vic the Armory Classroom. MSIVs provided MSIII leadership with a CONOP, scoring sheet, memorandum for instruction, and study guide to prepare for the board. The board was used to test cadet’s knowledge and their drill and ceremony. It also was to show they could properly wear the uniform. Other factors that determined the winning cadets were PT score, attendance, and any extra curricular activities that they participated in. 4 MSI/MSIIs and 3 MSIIIs were nominated to go in front of the board. The board consisted of the BC, CSM, BN XO, S-3, and Head TAC. Cadet Kelly was selected as the MS I/II cadet of the month and Cadet Speer was selected as the MSIII cadet of the month. They were recognized in front of Alpha Company at Leadership Lab on 18SEP13.