All ROTC programs to participate in Tri-Service Change of Command ceremony


By Mackensie MooreConsolidated Change of Command Spring 14

Iowa State University’s three ROTC programs will hold a Tri-Service Change of Command ceremony on Central Campus at 4 p.m. April 22.

At the event, the three programs will be changing out their cadet or midshipmen commanders for the upcoming fall semester.

“Every semester, programs change their command and every semester it’s a formal ceremony, so this semester is no different. We’ll change the authority and command from one student leader to another,” said Capt. Ricks Polk, commanding officer and professor of naval science.

On Central Campus, the cadets of the three programs — Air Force, Army and Navy — will march together and change the current command by transitioning the guidon, or the organization’s symbol, to the newly appointed commander.

The new Air Force ROTC cadet wing commander will be Peighton MacLeod, senior in aerospace engineering.

Lt. Col. Ryan Hollman, commander and professor of Air Force aerospace studies, and his staff, appointed MacLeod. Through an interview process based on a packet prepared by the cadet, they decided MacLeod was the best choice for the position.

“It was a tough competition overall, but [MacLeod] interviewed well, had the best packet and had great ideas for the future of the program. I know she’ll help the cadet wing grow next semester,” Hollman said.

The new Army ROTC cadet battalion commander will be Andrew Kammerer, junior in supply chain management. He was chosen by Lt. Col. Richard Smith, commander and professor of military science, through discussions and recommendations with his staff.

“I think he has a lot of leadership potential and he can do really great things for the program,” Smith said.

The new Navy ROTC battalion commanding officer will be Marine-option student Genevieve Halvorsen, senior in culinary sciences.

“She’s demonstrated incredible poise in her work at Iowa State. She wants to be a Marine, she has that desire and you can see it in her work,” Polk said.

As only the second year for the Tri-Service Change of Command Ceremony, the program leaders plan to continue the tradition for years to come.

“The ceremony is a great opportunity for students because they get to work with the Army and the Navy too, just as they will throughout their future military careers,” Hollman said.

While the sole purpose of the ceremony is to illustrate the changing of command, the ceremony will also illustrate the connections between the three ROTC programs.

“The event is a great opportunity. Whether you’re going into the Navy, Air Force or Army, there’s some innate differences, but at the end of the day they’re all brothers and sisters with similar goals,” Smith said.

At the ceremony, there will be a special guest speaker, as well as individuals from the National Guard and campus administrators.

The programs invite the student, faculty and staff population to attend the event, which will take place at 4 p.m. today on Central Campus, to understand more about the ROTC programs at Iowa State.