Fall ROTC officers inducted at Change of Command ceremony


By William DykeChange of Command Spring 14

As the Star Spangled Banner rang out across Central Campus during the Change of Command ceremony, even those playing under the campanile, stopped to honor the nation.

A clear, sunny day greeted the attendees of the Tri-Service Change of Command Ceremony on April 22 as the three ROTC programs changed out their commanding officers for the fall semester.

The positions appointed were Air Force Cadet Wing Commander, Army Cadet Battalion Commanding Officer and Navy Cadet Battalion Commanding Officer. Outgoing officers were Kevin Mazurowski, Zach Graham and Kelly Larkin respectively.

“We have a rich history of culture and tradition,” said Tom Hill, senior vice president of student affairs, who was the guest speaker. “But at the core is our commitment, our determination, our self-respect to our country and to the people we care about.”

Hill congratulated the inductees and thanked the military members for their service, remarking his admiration for their dedication and integrity.

“This country is in great shape,” Dr. Hill said. “Because of young people like you. It’s because of you that we enjoy all the privileges that we do.”

The new Navy Battalion Commanding Officer is Genevieve Halvorsen, senior in culinary science-human sciences.

Halvorsen said she has several goals for the next semester, like keeping the drill program strong and providing more leadership opportunities for freshman.

“It provides a really good base foundation,” Halvorsen said. “As they come and tackle those larger leadership roles they’re more prepared and they’re more confident.”

Halvorsen also said she’d like to promote the Naval ROTC as much as she can, as Iowa State is the only Iowan university with such a program.

Peighton MacLeod, the new cadet wing commander of the air force and senior in aerospace engineering, discussed the interview process and the candidate’s wing packet.

“For this next semester I redid the whole PT Program,” MacLeod said. “I’m really looking forward to putting that into action.”

MacLeod said she hoped that the new program would help to improve the PT scores overall. MacLeod also plans to reshape the peer mentorship goals to get the freshman acquainted with the program more quickly.

“I’m extremely honored to hold this position,” MacLeod said. “It’s been a tough three years to get here, and I look forward to working with all the new cadets.”

The Army Cadet Battalion Commanding Officer appointed was Andrew Kammerer, junior in supply chain management.

Ryan Hollman, detachment commander for the Air Force program, discussed his role and the great work put forth by the Cadet Commanding Officers.

“They decide what the goals are for the other cadets,” Hollman said. “It’s their chance to get leadership opportunities and that’s the overall goal of the program.”