Army ROTC collects food donations with annual Cy-Hawk run



Game ball run By Matthew Rezab,

ISU Army ROTC garnered nearly 3,000 pounds of food donations for the Iowa Troop Pantry during their annual Cy-Hawk game ball run.

For the past 27 years, the Army ROTCs from Iowa State and the University of Iowa have run the game ball used for the opening kickoff at the Iowa-Iowa State football game from the visitor’s campus to the host school’s campus the day before the game.

“The run is all about showing the community we represent—both Iowa State and the army,” said Tyriq Isles, senior in philosophy. “We’re doing it for the soldiers, but we’re doing it for the community as well.”

Lt. Col Richard Smith said the Army ROTC received about 1,800 pounds of food donations in addition to the 1,000 pounds donated by the Phi Kappa Alpha and Phi Gamma Delta fraternities.

Because of the larger than expected total donation, a portion of the food will go to homeless shelters in Ames and Iowa City. The remainder will go to the Iowa Troop Pantry as originally planned.

The cool, rainy weather didn’t slow the cadets down according to Dani Hadaway, senior in biology.

“It was a lot of fun,” Hadaway said. “A little chilly, but good. We weren’t going to let the weather stop us.”

The ball will return to Ames next fall when the Cyclones host the Hawkeyes Sept. 12, 2015.