The Cyclone Battalion has produced nearly 5000 fine Army officers since its inception. These former cadets have gone on to all branches of the Army, and whether they only do their minimum tour or go on to become career officers, these alumni continue to make the Cyclone Battalion proud to have been a part of their lives.

There are several ways that Alumni can continue to be involved with the Cyclone Battalion: Recruiting assistance: All of our alumni continue to be leaders at work and in your communities. Please utilize your influence to inform and attract the best talent possible to our univiersity and our ROTC program. Most high school student and parents do not even know ROTC exists or what it is about.

Alumni Forum: We would like showcase the experiences of our Alumni. Anyone willing to share their story please contact . Your story will be published on the website as well as in the newsletter.

Mentor Program: Regardless of how long ago you commisioned there are young Cadets who seek your sage advice.

Newsletter: Read up on all the events and activities of the Cyclone Battalion. We also invite guest writers to submit articles as well as the aforementioned Alumni Forum.

Financial assistance: Your donations provide assistance to Cadets in the form of scholarships as well as provide funding for key experiential learning that truely enhance their development. Make a gift today.