Scholarships are competitive based on merit in three areas: academics, athletics, and leadership. There are three types of scholarships:

High School Scholarships: Apply online after the completion of the junior year at Create an online account profile and fill out the application. Upload required documents and complete your Presidential Fitness Assessment at your local high school. Then, schedule an interview with a local senior ROTC department. There are three national boards per year in October, January, and March. It is best to have all requirements complete prior to October 1st to ensure the highest visibility at the boards, but the application deadline is January 10th of the senior year.

Campus-based Scholarships: Apply for these through the Recruiting Operations Officer. These are for students already in college or past the deadline for the high school scholarships.

National Guard or Army Reserve Scholarships: Apply for these through the Recruiting Operations Officer. These require concurrent service in the National Guard/Reserves while in college and also require service in the Guard/Reserves after college. Students who accept these scholarships may not compete for active duty service after college.

Scholarships are worth 100% Tuition and Fees OR Room and Board, not both. Students who earn a scholarship also receive $600 per semester for books. All scholarship recipients are required to contract as an ROTC cadet and agree to Army service post-college prior to receiving any benefits. All contracted students receive a monthly stipend of $420/month.


Contact the Recruiting Operations Officer at 515-294-0308 for all questions