Game Ball Run 2011

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ISU Army ROTC (Cyclone Battalion) conducted Game Ball Run 09 SEP 2011through Tama, Marshalltown, State Center, Colo and Ames , Iowa to deliver the game ball to the Iowa State Cyclone coaches for the Iowa / Iowa State football game

The game ball run was a great team building event for all cadets the participated. We were able to collect over 1000 items for the Iowa Troop Pantry by reaching out to the entire University. The picnic gave our cadets an opportunity to meet with our counterparts at Iowa, who we will work with again at our joint FTX. At the Veteran’s home we talked with men and woman who had served our country, helping to put into perspective what a great honor it is to serve our country. The battalion was featured on multiple local television stations as the game ball was run into Jack Trice Stadium, showing Iowans the positive impact we have in the state.

Cyclone Battalion conducted the 26th annual Game Ball Run. Cadets from ISU Army ROTC met Iowa Cadets at Roadside Park in Tama, Iowa to exchange the game ball and eat lunch with the Iowa Cadets. Upon completion of the picnic the Iowa State Cadets departed Roadside park at 1300 with the Game Ball in hand. We ran through the cities of Tama, Marshalltown, State Center and Colo. In Marshalltown the Cadets had a one hour meet and greet with the Veteran’s at the Marshalltown Veterans home. When the Cadets reached Ames a battalion run was conducted to deliver the game ball to the Iowa State Cyclone Coaches.