BVU Contracting Ceremony 2011


BVU ContractBVU Cadets conduct a contracting ceremony on 15NOV11 at Siebens Fieldhouse (Buena Vista University) BVU cadets publicly formalize their commitment to becoming Army officers and allow the BVU community and Cadet’s families share in this historic milestone

Key Tasks: Contract Cadets during a highly visible campus event. Coordinate with BVU Athletic Department and Administration. Cadets represent BVU, The Cyclone Battalion, and Cadet Command with Professionalism

Six BVU Cadets finalize their contracting process and publicly acknowledged their commitment to serve

The public commissioning of 6 cadets at a marque event shows the university community the commitment Cadet Command and the IANG has made to a successful future of this new program and the commitment BVU has made supporting the ROTC program as it becomes established.

On 15 November, 2011, six Cadets formally contracted into the Buena Vista University ROTC program in front of 750 spectators.  The cadets arrived at the men’s basketball game before tip off at 1930.  All 22 cadets in the program were in attendance to support the basketball team and the cadets at halftime.  With 7 minutes left in half time, the Cadets led by CPT Gledhill, marched onto the basketball court and raised their right hand and formally contracted over the public address system. As they left the floor, the crowd gave them a standing ovation.