Health and Wellness Expo


Cadet talks to studentsCyclone Battalion participates in the Des Moines Health and Fitness Expo on 11,12,13APR2012 at Ankeny, Lincoln, and East High School.To support health initiatives by First Lady Michelle Obama and Governor Terry Brandstad

Key Tasks: -Inform High school students about the importance of exercise -Inform High school students about ROTC PT routines and the program -Get students active and attempt the workout challenge

High school students leave with a greater understanding of the importance of exercise and staying healthy

During the Health and Wellness Expo, our volunteer Cadets had a great opportunity to highlight our program and work on their communication skills by sharing the importance of staying fit and healthy, which is important for everyone—not just athletes. The cadets encouraged the students to do a competitive exercise for a couple of minutes as a challenge to their Fitness and motivation to earn a Cyclone Battalion bracelet. Many students visited the booth and began asking about ROTC, which highlights the positive view young adults have of our program.

Cyclone Battalion Cadets participated in the three day Health and Wellness Expo put on by the Army National Guard. Each day was at a different high school in the Des Moines Area. At the events, the Cadets told students about the ROTC program and how the program keeps their Fitness and Health high because of PT. The Cadets also shared ways that the students could become active and live healthier themselves. The students were given the opportunity to complete an exercise challenge in order to earn a Cyclone Battalion bracelet. Once a few students tried the challenge, more began to come over to compete.