JROTC Jean Kaplan Raider Challenge


JROTC RCIowa State Army ROTC MSII Cadets conducts evaluations of the JROTC Raider Challenge Meet on 29SEP2012 vic Camp Dodge, in order to evaluate teams participating in the Raider Challenge and to maintain and improve relationships with local JROTC Battalions IOT enhance leader development through evaluating the JROTC Raider Challenge .

Evaluate the competition in a competitive, challenging , and fair setting in keeping with the spirit of the Raider Challenge
Evaluate modified APFT, 10 KM foot march, compass course, Raider Challenge Course, biathlon, one-rope bridge, and one-mile ruck run.
Ensure all events are executed safely and fairly with risks mitigated.
Proper recognition of all cadets that competed in the Raider Challenge Competition.

The Raider Challenge Competition was a success both evaluating ROTC Cadets and JROTC participants for the purpose developing key technical skills and leadership qualities in our Cyclone Battalion cadets and JROTC Cadets as well as recognizing those who competed and put in the hard work and preparation. Participating cadets gained a stronger sense of involvement in the program as well as a sense of pride in themselves. Cadets gained valuable leadership experience after competing in the JROTC Raider Challenge by organizing and supervising the competition. Cyclone Battalion was well represented by hard working and professional cadets at every phase of the competition, reflecting positively on themselves, our ROTC program and the Army.

11 Iowa State Cyclone Battalion Cadets prepared for evaluating JROTC Cadets in the Jean Kapplan Raider Challenge, at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa. Cyclone Battalion provided Cadets to evaluate and help maintain a safe competition.  The competition started off with a modified APFT, consisting of two minuets of push-ups, two minuets of sit-ups, and a one mile run.  The next event was the 10 K foot-march, followed by round robin for compass course, Raider Challenge course, biathlon, one-rope bridge, and one-mile ruck run.  The teams were evaluated by Iowa State Cadets, allowing cadre to observe and motivate their team throughout the competition.  Overall, the 11 Iowa State Cadets grained valuable leadership experience through preparing, organizing, and executing their assigned event.