FLRC Lanes Leadership Lab

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FLRCAlpha company, Cyclone Battalion, conducts Leadership Lab on 171610L OCT 2012 vic. Pammel Woods IOT execute FLRC Lanes IOT build teamwork in an unfamiliar environment and prepare MS III Cadets for situation they will experience at LDAC

Brief CONOPand conduct rehearsal on 14 OCT 2012
Conduct FLRC supply draw 16 OCT 2012
Conduct FLRC Lanes 17 OCT 2012 VIC Pammel Woods
Distribute MSIIIs to opposite platoons with no squad leader identified

All Cadets involved in training develop individual leadership skills designed to prepare them for LDAC

Leadership Lab was well planned and executed, adapting to a new training environment that will be implemented during LDAC 2013. Cadets had an opportunity to execute a mission with no predetermined group leader. This venue provided an opportunity for a team building exercise and a chance for underclassmen to take a more formal role in Troop Leading Procedures and Problem Solving. This model helped mold the Cadets around the concept of small unit leadership with the squad determining the leader for each task.  While designed around “team building”, it allowed TACs and Cadre to evaluate which MSIIIs immediately “took charge” and those that didn’t.  While 9 times out of ten an MSIII adopted the leadership role, in some cases, the emerging leaders in the MSII class took charge of the mission.  This event allowed Cadre to identify future leadership opportunities within the company for those MSIIIs not afraid to lead when not formally put in charge and more importantly, for those who chose to step to the back.

Cyclone Battalion Alpha Company’s Cadets participated in the new style of FLRC Lanes at Leadership Lab- no squad leader identified. The Operation was planned and operated by the MS IV class and was executed by the MS I’s, II’s, and III’s. During Lab, all squads were able to complete two different FLRC Lanes having the ability to execute and learn from their first lane then implement changes during their second lane while under different leadership.