Reconnaissance – Leadership Lab

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ReconCyclone BN conducts Leadership Lab on 23JAN13 vic Forker Gym IOT conduct training on Reconnaissance, Camouflage, and Hand & Arm Signals.

Conduct first formation/attendance.
Conduct award ceremony for SFC Alley.
Instruction on Recon Missions and trial run-throughs.
Instruction on Camouflage, and conduct face painting.
Instruction on Hand & Arm signals with practice.

Cyclone BN successfully completes training, is fully capable of conducting recon missions, can properly apply camouflage, and can successfully communicate basic concepts through hand & arm signals.

Cyclone Battalion’s leadership lab was well coordinated and the lanes MSIIIs experienced were challenging and comparable to those at Warrior Forge. MSIII leadership first taught classes to MSI and MSII cadets on how to remain undetected while gathering crucial intel on the enemy. MSIII cadets also instructed the underclassmen in how to properly camouflage themselves. Combining these tactics serve a vital part in any low profile operation in todays military. By providing valuable training to subordinate cadets, MSIV leadership and role players were able to evaluate and properly train junior cadets for Warrior Forge.

Leadership Lab began on 231610JAN2013 in Forker Gym, with first formation and attendance. Immediately following, LTC Smith presented SFC Patty Alley with an Army Achievement Medal for her support of Cyclone BN. Each squad then broke off and conducted individual training in two parts. Part 1 had squads receive a briefing on the purpose, types, and executions of various Reconnaissance missions. Immediately following the brief, the squads began run-throughs and learned to properly execute their own recon. Part 2 had squads conduct briefings on how to properly apply camouflage (focusing on face paint), and received instructions on various hand & arm signals used within the BN.