CULP: Togo Africa


Johnson in Togo

U.S. Cadets aid Togolese Cadets in understanding conversational English.
Purpose: Improve Togolese Cadet’s understanding of the English language and its pronunciation.

Key Tasks: Conduct conversations with individual Togolese Cadets, Exchange cultural details between U.S. Cadets and Togolese Cadets, Perform physical training and team building activities between militaries.

Togolese cadets improve their understanding and pronunciation of the English language in order to pass their English recognition exam. U.S. and Togolese cadets gain insight and new cultural experiences.

U.S. Army and Togolese Cadets conducted themselves professionally and participated in all training activities. The Togolese Cadets were very receptive to the conversational English training and greatly enjoyed getting to learn about American Culture. The American Cadets successfully interacted with their Togolese counterparts and felt they were immersed in their culture. The class time and conversations will improve the Togolese Cadets understanding of English and the mission was successfully accomplished.

The American Cadets were greeted to the country by the Togolese Chiefs of Staff where they were briefed on Togo’s current military status and their goals for the future. They then traveled eight hours north to the small city of Pya. There they were introduced to the local queen and prefect of the region before reporting to the Efofat where Togolese Military Cadets are trained. The American Cadets taught four classes a week speaking and interacting with their Togolese counterparts. The Togolese and American Cadets hiked up a mountain to build camaraderie between the two militaries. This group was the first group to arrive, with two additional groups arriving later in the summer.