CULP Trip: Kosovo


Kosovo improvements

U.S. Cadets teach members of the Kosovo Security Forces English to help the Kosovo Security Forces better communicate with the international community.

Key Tasks: Explain the concept of slang and basic conversational English. Learn about the recent past of Kosovo to understand the Kosovo Security Forces strive to attain international recognition as a legitimate Army. Teach KSF members what they can do to help their image across the world as a genuine military.

Endstate: The Kosovo Security Forces enhance their English skills and learn how to portray a more professional image among their people as well as across the world.

U.S. Army and Kosovo Security Forces spoke conversational English in order to increase fluency.  American Cadets and KSF members worked hand in hand on a daily basis with prepared lesson plans that specialized in increasing conversation skills among members.  Through working together, KSF members and Cadets started many friendship bonds between themselves that will be carried throughout our career as valuable learning tools when deployed to the region again or for peers that will deploy to the region.

The American Cadets were welcomed by the people of Kosovo with open arms  and were immediately accepted among the Kosovo Security Forces as friends yet maintaining the level of respect needed between teacher and pupil to effectively create results sought after by Kosovar command.  They were continuously making an effort to better themselves daily by starting conversations amongst themselves in English so that they could get in a bit more extra practice before the following day’s lesson.  On the last day, KSF members had to retest in English to show that they had improved.