Operation Field Training F13


Fall FTX - Repel Tower

Cyclone Battalion conducts Fall 2013 Field Training Exercise vic Camp Dodge on 27-29SEP2013 in order to provide introductory field training for all cadets to provide introductory field training for Cyclone Battalion cadets and prepare MS3s for excellence at Warrior Forge.

Key Tasks: Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Classes in basic soldier skills, Training for the GAFPB including MOPP and M9 training, Day and Night Land Navigation, Hand Grenade Assault Course, Confidence Course, and Rappelling.

End State: Cyclone Battalion understand and are comfortable with basic skills required of a Cadet and have a solid base of knowledge to facilitate training.

MS1s and 2s were able to gain more knowledge in basic skills such as aid/litter, EPW, and camouflage, providing  MS3s additional experience in instructing and leading both subordinates and peers. Cadets were well trained in introductory marksmanship but we will require MS3s to fire live next semester, prior to LDAC.  Cadets tested well in Land Navigation proficiency, but  we will need to do additional training for several MS3s prior to LDAC, an additional Land Nav Training event has been identified for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Cyclone Battalion conducted Pre-Marksmanship Instruction, BRM training on the Engagement Skills Trainer, Weapon Assembly/Disassembly, and Patrol Base Operation classes on their first day. On the second day Cyclone Battalion MS3s taught the 1s/2s classes including face paint, aid/litter, and EPW. Cadets also had the opportunity to be qualified for the GAFPB NBC requirements and familiarization with the M9 pistol. The second day finished with Day and Night land navigation. The third day Cadets traversed the Confidence Course, Hand Grenade Assault Course and were able to rappel.